With holidays! Back in the forest on December 14th :)

Events schedule

The Plum Rabbits have so many things to do it is hard to keep up without a proper schedule. Mamorumori forest has many events and important moments to point out which they will all communicate through this page. They will try to keep everyone updated through the Mamorumori newspaper and social media. Be sure to follow them as well!

Upcoming events

2022 - 2023

19 + 20 November 2022 Dutch Comic Con, Utrecht Netherlands 
3 + 4 + 5 March 2023 Made In Asia, Brussels Belgium
30 + 1 + 2 Juli 2023 DoKomi, Düsseldorf Germany pending
Juli 2023 Twitchcon Europe pending
Autumn 2023 Dutch Comic Con, Utrecht Netherlands pending


Do you host or know an event that Mamorumori forest should not miss? Reach out and perhaps the forest will be closer than you think!


Twitch schedule

Mamorumori forest often appears online where you can take a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes Mamorumori forest on a weekly basis! Are you curious about how the residents are applying for adoption?

Check out their online live channel here!

Monday 1 PM CET to 6 PM CET

Wednesday 1 PM CET to 6 PM CET

Friday 1 PM CET to 6 PM CET