A6 Stickersheet - Spring Collection

A6 Stickersheet - Spring Collection

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Mamorumori forest is the busiest during spring. The caretakers are cleaning the forest and preparing for two very important seasons. Everything needs to look clean and tight for the new residents that will be born and moving into Mamorumori forest during this season. The residents have lots of activities to do during the spring and many new faces to meet. Most of the days are sunny and once in a while a light rain will refresh their leaves. 

By getting this stickersheet you are directly supporting the Plum Rabbit Adoption Center and the Mamorumori forest. Because of you we can keep maintaining the forest!

A vinyl stickersheet, A6 size. 4 leaf stickers, a treeplom sticker and 4x plom stickers. A total of 9 stickers.