Out of sight there is a hidden forest where the flora is alive and fauna their caretaker where each resident has their own story to tell. But some daring inhabitants want to explore the world: each with their own reasons.

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It is a rainy night in late October 2019. A small creature is making its way through a forest. It seems to be holding a map in its hands. "I am not sure where to go now" she mumbles to herself. The small creature decides to look at the sun and walk West: hoping to find a sea or a river to follow. After what seems like some minutes she walks onto a large grass field. The sun is shining bright on her small forehead. Despite it being autumn a slightly warm breeze flows through her grey fur. What a nice feeling! The small creature decides to take a nap since its been hours of just walking. After some time she wakes up to find some surprising looking creatures around her. "Who are you?" they ask. The creatures are small and round. They all have five petals, two leaves and a set of pistils on their head. Are they... plants? "Oh, I am sorry! I am a Plum Rabbit. Who are you?" she says. The plant looking creatures look slightly scared. "We are called auploms" one of them says.
The Plum Rabbit in this story would later be called "The founder Rabbit". She founded Mamorumori forest on that day together with the group of auploms. Later she would contact other Plum Rabbits friends and convince them to move to Mamorumori forest. The founder Rabbit gathered a group of four Plum Rabbits to start cleaning and building the Mamorumori forest. It would require a lot of work and time. Its original residents were with too few to take care of the forest properly. The arrival of Plum Rabbits would change that. Within just a couple of months the population of Mamorumori forest increased with more than 100%!
The founder Rabbit and her friends would divide tasks between eachother and taking the lead in their roles. One would be busy with the overall cleaning together with the residents. Another one would instruct residents to start designing homes; mainly working on fertilizing the ground. The third one would start drawing out the map of Mamorumori forest: researching the area. The next Plum Rabbit would research the area outside of Mamorumori forest and contact creatures from all over to start helping them. The founder Rabbit would keep an eye on the overall process and work out a plan to maintain the forest properly. She was mainly interested in how seasons would look like in Mamorumori forest. Therefore it took over a year to have a proper plan for Mamorumori forest. After a lot of falling and standing up the group of Plum Rabbits and residents manage to put Mamorumori forest on the map.
Just as The founder Rabbit thought the Mamorumori forest changes a lot during the year. A total of four season would be mapped out by her: winter, spring, summer and autumn. No year would be the same, but slowly the group of Plum Rabbits could define the striking differences of residents throughout each season. Up until this day there is still a dedicated group of Plum Rabbits researching the seasons of Mamorumori. But here are some of the most interesting results yet:
  • Spring seems to be popular at Mamorumori forest. New residents "spring" from the ground and it seems to be getting more busy in the Mamorumori forest. The cherry blossoms seem to be important to residents and indicate the start of the season. Most colors consist of pastels and light greens. The Plum Rabbits are growing new residents and prepare for festivities taking place in spring and summer.
  • The summer days are the longest of the year. This also means the sun shows itself more often. Days during summer are recorded being the hottest of the year. The residents like showing themselves quite a lot, but the Plum Rabbits have an important task to watering them daily. 
  • During autumn the residents mainly show off their reds, oranges, yellows and browns. They are there all the time: they only show it during autumn though. The residents lose a lot of their leaves and petals to start preparing for the winter. The Plum Rabbits have to clean up more often than usual. 
  • Winter is by far the coldest season in Mamorumori forest. Most residents will only show themselves three days a week averagely. Some residents stay asleep throughout the entire winter: protecting themselves against the cold snow. Most fauna will hibernate during this season. During winter the nights last longer and the days are shorter. No worries to be asleep for a longer time than usual! However some mysterious residents might show themselves more often during this season than recorded in any other. 


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More about Mamorumori forest coming soon!

The Plum Rabbits have a lot of projects that should explain and show the forest in many new ways. Stay tuned.