The founder

it is a rather cold afternoon somewhere in 2019. a 25 year old Dutch resident rides her bicycle on her way to her daily activities, as the weather suddenly changes drastically and she falls. her bicycle is broken and the wind seemed to have taken her to a place she has never been before. after wandering around for a bit she seems to have stumbled upon a mysterious forest. the plants have changed slightly, the flowers have brighten up suddenly and the trees seem to whisper to each other. what felt lonely and lost before now feels warm and inviting. what is happening? she takes out her small pocket notebook and an almost broken pencil and starts to draw and write. these discoveries must be shared! 

mamorumori: unique & handmade nature inspired

mamorumori comes from the Japanese words 'mamoru' [to protect, 守る] and 'mori' [forest, 森]. its origins date from late 2019, after the founder went through a dark phase of a burnout and wanted to create something that made her truly happy. from childhood she has always been drawing, painting and designing. she has grown up learning a lot about nature due to her parents that are both biologists. it isher wish to share some of that knowledge in a fun and heartwarming way. mamorumori is for both young and adult: just like nature is. whether it is a maternity gift or a pal to plant up your room: there is no age limit to mamorumori.

mamorumori residents are completely handmade and from fabrics of local markets. each individual resident is unique and cannot be duplicated whatsoever, just like the real world. 


mamorumori is not just a brand, it is a story. the story can be told in many ways. there is a dream to write down stories and to create children's books to teach children about plants, flowers and trees. there is also the goal to sell mamorumori worldwide in [physical] stores. nature is different on every continent: the founder wants to explore the possibilities of telling those stories as well. events, storestock, webshop and so much more to come for mamorumori. 

Zoë Seekles

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