A6 Stickersheet - Limited 2023 Houseplant Collection

A6 Stickersheet - Limited 2023 Houseplant Collection

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The Houseplant collection is the 2023 limited collection. As the weather is unpredictable lots of Plum Rabbits grow their own plants inside their cabins throughout the year. These seeds grow into these very interesting looking plants that the Plum Rabbits refer to as houseplants. It has become a hype for them as the Plum Rabbits often visit each others' cabins to compare and there is a bit of competition going on. 

By getting this stickersheet you are directly supporting the Plum Rabbit Adoption Center and the Mamorumori forest. Because of you we can keep maintaining the forest!

A vinyl stickersheet, A6 size. 5 houseplant ploms stickers in total.