It is possible to order a Mamorumori resident that is completely personalized by you. All residents that are showcased on the adoped list and my instagram are original patterns. You can choose one of the existing residents' patterns or suggest a new resident. Note that creating a new resident from a new pattern requires more work, hence why price will be upscaled. 
Since I use fabrics that I buy locally at the market I cannot always obtain specific fabrics that you might have seen on previous residents. However I have a wide variety of fabrics with all sorts of colors and different patterns. Please include what colors you would like and what type of patterns you like. During negotiation I can send updated pictures of the variety of colors and patterns that I currently have in stock. 

How do I make a commission?

To make a custom order please contact me through the contact form with the following information:
1. Your name and email
2. The type of resident (plom, plum rabbit, new resident etc)
3. The amount of residents (if applicable)
4. The color or colors that you would like (check my stock or send me general terms like 'dark purple')
5. The type of pattern or pattern style (in case you want specific patterns like 'flowers')
6. Other information that you find necessary for making the custom order
*This stock might not be updated.

How much will a commission cost?

Depending on what resident you are getting and how many the pricing will be determined. Note that a commission of a resident will always be more expensive than the ones that are available in the mamorumori webshop. When shipped please take shipping costs in consideration. 
 Examples of pricing of commissions
  • Plum rabbit: basic €38 + new fabrics €20,- contact & services €15,- = €73 euro
  • Plom, no add-ons: basic €35 + contact & services €15,- = €50 euro
  • Treeplom, no add-ons: basic €50 + contact & services €15,- + 3 flowers of choice and leaves of choice €20,- = €85 euro
  • FuwaFuwa Folk, no add-ons: basic €38 + contact & services €15,- = €53 euro
  • New creature: Please contact! The more complicated the base is, the more it will cost for mamorumori to make. Example: pattern bird  €60,- + testing pattern  €10,- + contact & services  €15,- =  €85,- euro

excl. shipping


Add-ons can be anything you like, basically.

Examples of add-ons could be unique fabrics (ones that I do not own yet) or unique requests such as different eyes, legs, more flower or any other type of add-on. Prices depend on how much effort it takes and how expensive the add-ons are. 

    Can I make a commission and pick it up?

    Yes, you can make a custom order and pick it up. Note that this will have to be in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) or at an event I am attending. Check the schedule to see which events I am attending.

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