A6 Stickersheet - Autumn Collection

A6 Stickersheet - Autumn Collection

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Mamorumori forest has the most interesting colors that change throughout this season. After the busy spring and summer time many caretakers are in charge of cleaning up the entire forest and preparing for the winter. Gathering equipment and material to survive will be their focus for the autumn season. The residents enjoy the many different colors throughout this season and often play in the falling leaves and puddles created by the rain. It is also the most important harvesting seasons, so creatures like pumploms show their faces. 

By getting this stickersheet you are directly supporting the Plum Rabbit Adoption Center and the Mamorumori forest. Because of you we can keep maintaining the forest!

A vinyl stickersheet, A6 size. 3 leaf stickers, a group of pumploms sticker, two auplom stickers and a Plum Rabbit cabin in autumn sticker. A total of 7 stickers.