It is possible to order a Mamorumori resident that is completely personalized by you. All residents that are showcased on the adoped list and my instagram are original patterns. You can choose one of the existing residents' patterns or suggest a new resident. Note that creating a new resident from a new pattern requires more work, hence why price will be upscaled. 
Since most fabrics are bought locally from a market it is not always possible to get specific fabrics that you might have seen on previous residents. However there is always a wide variety of colors, fabrics and patterns available. Please include what colors you would like and what type of patterns you like. The Plum Rabbits can always send pictures of fabrics to make choosing easier for you. 

How do I make a commission?

Requesting and discussing a custom resident is always free! 
Please use the contact form with the following information:
1. Your name and email
2. The type of resident (plom, plum rabbit, new resident etc)
3. The amount of residents (if applicable)
4. The color or colors that you would like (send me specific or general terms like 'dark purple'). You can also tell me if you have a specific type of fabric in mind (aka. fleece or "as soft as possible!")
5. The type of pattern or pattern style (in case you want specific patterns like 'flowers')
6. Other information that you find necessary for making the custom order

How much will a commission cost?

Depending on what resident you are getting, and how many, the pricing will be determined. When shipped please take shipping costs in consideration. 
 Pricing of commissions
  • Small Plom 8cm, no add-ons: basic €40 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €75 euro
  • Basic Plom 15cm, no add-ons: basic €50 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €85 euro
  • Big Plom 50cm, no add-ons: basic €80 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €115 euro
  • Treeplom, no add-ons: basic €70 + 6 leaves of choice €20 + contact & services €15,-  = €105 euro
  • FuwaFuwa Folk, no add-ons: basic €60 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €95 euro
  • Plum Rabbit, no add-ons: basic €50 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €85 euro
  • GeroGero Gama, no add-ons: basic €60 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €95 euro
  • Bulky Bear, no add-ons: basic €50 + fabrics €20,- + contact & services €15,- = €85 euro
  • New resident: Please contact and feel free to discuss! With new creatures comes a brand new pattern. Please keep this in mind when getting a new resident. Example: Pattern  €80,- + testing pattern  €20,- + fabrics €20,- + contact & services  €15,- =  €135,- euro

excl. shipping

Add-ons & Changes

Add-ons & Changes can be anything you like, basically.

List with examples of add-ons

 Extra flowers Extra leaves New type of flowers New type of leaves
Horns Clothing Different expression Different size
Hanging Plant Pot set Marked as a gift (wrapping paper etc) Made out of fabric that you specifically own (f.e. from heritage) Very specific fabric that is more expensive somehow

Prices vary depending on the request.

    I want to do this, but I have no idea what I want... Help!

    Do not worry! The Plum Rabbits can help you out. If you have something in mind, but cannot make it clear as a custom commission: just reach out and maybe the Plum Rabbits can help you. We can brainstorm together. F.e. you could consider a surprise resident. But please understand it is not possible to undo a created plushies (thus a surprise resident comes with a small risk). 

    Can I get a commission and pick it up?

    Yes, you can make a custom order and pick it up instead of shipping. Note that this will have to be at an event Mamorumori forest is attending. Check the schedule to see which events The Plum Rabbits are attending.

    Gallery of some custom residents