These are most of the colors I currently have in stock. I will try to update this once in a while. Please reach out to tell me what colors or fabrics you are looking for. Just contact mamorumori forest and we will arrange your preferences. 

Found what you were looking for? Great! Just add the details to your custom plushie request. If you would like to see more pictures of colors of patterns we can send your more detailed pictures.


I tried to get the color as close as the color in real life. Mind that different monitors may show slightly different colors. Ask for more pictures if you are not sure. 

Why does this picture have an A or B in it?

The A stands for being the front of the fabric, the B stands for being the back of the fabric. It is probably usable on both sides of the fabric. :-)

Fabric type

If you want to know the type of fabric (cotton, fleece, soft or not etc) please include this in your custom plushie request. The Plum Rabbits will gladly explain what types they are and want to help you pick the right one!

Got enough stock?

Since Mamorumori forest has not a lot of space it may happen that there is not enough stock for the fabric you might like. We are very sorry about that. Please do not hesitate to ask questions as we would love to help you out.


One color

 Beige, Yellow
 Gray, White
 Pink, Red, Orange