Wiplom -  Glorfindel
Wiplom -  Glorfindel
Wiplom -  Glorfindel
Wiplom -  Glorfindel

Wiplom - Glorfindel

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Glorfindel is a very mysterious character. Not many residents really know him. However there are multiple stories about Glorfindel saving other ploms from danger. It seems like he is heroic, but they do not know if the stories are true. He arrived at the Plum Rabbits Adoption Center not saying much. But he seems very excited to find a forever homne! Glorfindel is being described as mighty, wise and strong.

Glorfindel is a character from the world that Tolkien created. Best known for The Lord Of The Rings. These wiploms are named since the founder always watches the movie during the last days of the year.

This wiplom is part of the winter 2021 collection. During winter many Mamorumori forest residents sleep or are in hibernation. It might be tougher to spot the same residents you could see during autumn. However during winter a lot of new mysterious residents pop up too!

Wiploms are made out of mostly polyester and local fabrics. When dirty please try to gently handwash as they are afraid of washing machines and dry cleaners. An auplom is approximately 8x8x8 cm.ar

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