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Pumplom -  Lucky ラッキー
Pumplom -  Lucky ラッキー
Pumplom -  Lucky ラッキー
Pumplom -  Lucky ラッキー

Pumplom - Lucky ラッキー

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Lucky ラッキー has grown up as a happy pumplom in the backyard of Plum Rabbit Amber. She grew in the middle of an open grassy field, but one treeplom was always close to her. Lucky did not get enough sunshine because of this. However Lucky has grown out to be a beautiful pumplom. That is where the name comes from. Lucky is very talkative and happy when she is around a lot of residents.

This pumplom is part of the autumn 2021 collection. With summer in the past the autumn residents need to clean up the mess and prepare for the next festivities. A whole new season is arriving and many colors are changing. The pumpkins are preparing for spooky season. They have been grown in the Plum Rabbit's backyard for the whole summer to prepare for the festivities. Their sizes are very different as they are all unique!

Pumploms are made out of mostly polyester and local fabrics. When dirty please try to gently handwash as they are afraid of washing machines and dry cleaners. An auplom is approximately 15x15x15 cm.

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