Pumplom -  Goblin ゴブリン
Pumplom -  Goblin ゴブリン
Pumplom -  Goblin ゴブリン
Pumplom -  Goblin ゴブリン

Pumplom - Goblin ゴブリン

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Goblin ゴブリン is one of the biggest pumploms that has been harvested by the Plum Rabbits in 2021. He had a fun time growing up in the backyard of one of the Plum Rabbits. Goblin made many friends for the short time he spend in Mamorumori forest. However he is looking forward to start his life outside of the Mamorumori forest. His brother Ballrog has already been adopted. He hopes to find his forever home soon. Goblin is being described as peaceful, well-read and greedy.

This pumplom is part of the autumn 2021 collection. With summer in the past the autumn residents need to clean up the mess and prepare for the next festivities. A whole new season is arriving and many colors are changing. The pumpkins are preparing for spooky season. They have been grown in the Plum Rabbit's backyard for the whole summer to prepare for the festivities. Their sizes are very different as they are all unique!

Pumploms are made out of mostly polyester and local fabrics. When dirty please try to gently handwash as they are afraid of washing machines and dry cleaners. This pumplom is approximately 40x35x35 cm.

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