The Plum Rabbits have so many things to do it is hard to keep up without a proper schedule. Mamorumori forest has many events and important moments to point out which they will all communicate through this page. They will try to keep everyone updated through the mailing list and social media. Be sure to follow them as well!

Upcoming events


Twitch Streams (Slowy): Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

One time events

2021 / 2022

Date Event
7 and 8 August '21 Dokomi 2021 Düsseldorf
22 September '21 The end of summer
23 September '21 The start of autumn
16 October '21 Kids Goodies Market Amsterdam
19 December '21 Christmas Market Feelgood Eindhoven
21 December '21 The end of autumn
22 December '21 The start of winter
18, 19, 20 February '22 Abunaicon 2022 Veldhoven


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