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A5 Print - Sumplom
A5 Print - Sumplom

A5 Print - Sumplom

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Sumploms usually grow from June until the end of August. The mamorumori forest is a very sunny place, and for some a bit too hot to handle. However a lot of residents are actively outside and enjoying each others' company. There are a lot of picknicks and everyone stays out late. If the heat is a bit too much the plum rabbits need to make sure there is enough water available for everyone. 

Ploms are the most well-known residents of mamorumori forest. They grow in 4 seasons and many types. They are usually very fluffy and grow from a sproud to a full-grown plant in about 3 days. Ploms are like humans: no one is the same, but they are similar. Some like cold weather, some like hot weather, some are happy and some tend to be more sad. 

This is an A5 print of a sumplom. This has been drawn and printed out! You can hang it up, put it on a shelf or perhaps send it to someone. It will be shipped to you. The frame is not included. :-)