Bio Cotton Tote Bag - Peepo Hannya
Bio Cotton Tote Bag - Peepo Hannya

Bio Cotton Tote Bag - Peepo Hannya

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Peepo has dedicated a substantial amount of time immersing themselves in the wonders of Japan, particularly in the study of Japanese samurai culture. This profound experience served as an inspiration for Peepo to embark on a remarkable journey of becoming a samurai. With unwavering determination, Peepo acquired all the essential equipment, selected authentic clothing, and even underwent several intensive sword-fighting lessons. Embracing this newfound passion, Peepo seeks to find harmony and fulfillment in their pursuit. The path of the samurai holds profound meaning for Peepo, and they strive to embody the virtues of honor, discipline, and mastery. With each swing of the sword and each step taken in their traditional attire, Peepo immerses themselves in the rich heritage and time-honored traditions of the samurai. Notably, this totebag was initially released and sold at Twitchcon Paris 2023 Artist Alley.

This tote bag contains a handdrawn image of Peepo mixed with a Hannya mask. The text above writes ピ-ポ/Peepo in Katakana, the text underneath writes 不可解/Fukakai in Katakana, meaning "incomprehensible; mysterious". 

The tote bag is 100% Bio Cotton, Amfori BSCI certified and 140 grams. It is 38cm x 48cm big. The weight of the bag itself is only 63 gram.