Dokomi 2021: The first time residents meet humans

On August 7 and 8 the residents and the founder travelled to Düsseldorf to go to Dokomi in Messe Hall. It was the very first time for residents to have visited humans outside of the Mamorumori forest. 

On the first day they prepared the table and setting. "It is so exciting to be here" an exciting Okaeri says. "Hopefully most of us will be adopted" nods Ichigo to him. Go-Jasu smiles as he hears his friends talk about the event coming up. "Don't worry about it. It is going to be an awesome time!" he says.

After a smooth ride in the car we all arrived in the event hall where all the preparations were done. Time flew by like it was nothing. It already seemed super professional: seeing all the other artists prepare their tables. After setting up the table we got dropped off at the apartment we would stay for the rest of the weekend. 

It was a hard time to sleep that night. The founder worried about the residents that were sleeping in an unknown place and the event that would happen only 9 hours later. In the end most of them would have some hours of sleep before the start of the exciting day. 

When the day was actually there everyone was less nervous than they thought. Everyone was feeling rather positive and ready to start the weekend. All the residents encouraged each other with nice words and before they knew it, it was 10 am. 

Lots of humans curiously passed by. Some of them glanced a look at all the residents while taking the business card of the adoption center from the Plum Rabbits. Others hung out and talked to everyone to see with which resident they connected the most. To everyone's suprise many residents got adopted on the spot! In excitement and a small bit of sadness they waved goodbye to everyone leaving their side. 

All in all it was a successful weekend for the residents and the adoption center of the Plum Rabbits. Many residents found their forever home during a short amount of time. The Plum Rabbits agreed to organize more events like this in the future!