4 Summer Treeploms ready to be adopted!

Four brave treeploms have decided that they want to look further than the Mamorumori forest goes for their new home. So they signed up to the Plum Rabbits' adoption center. We can tell they are all really excited to meet you!

Hello! My name is Spike スパイク. I have been staying at Mamorumori forest for many years. My favorite season is summer, since all my flowers are at their best and the sun is always shining bright through the leaves of my friends. The residents often describe me as selfless, stable and neurotic. I love to surround myself with other creatures and create a family vibe. This is also why I decided to tell other family members to sign up for adoption as well. I really believe they will be so happy once they found their new roommate! 

Spike is named after the Cowboy Bebop main character. There will be a live action movie or series soon. But most of the residents would agree that the original will be the best.

Hi, my name is Jet ジェット. Spike convinced me to sign up for adoption. I must admit I am really scared to meet humans, because I have never encountered one before. However I believe that I should reach for the stars and my time in Mamorumori forest has been long due. I really like flying. My branches reach high in the sky, so I have seen countless of creatures flying past me. It would be so awesome if I could fly one day. I am not sure my weight will let me, but everything that flies really interests me. Hopefully I can find a roommate who can teach me more!  My friends describe me as adventurous, anxious and discreet.

Jet is named after one of the Cowboy Bebop characters. His name is also linked to jets (planes). 

Cabodiba is my name and I am in love with the game called 'The Sims'. I know it does not sound logical to have access to this game within the Mamorumori forest, because it is not! By accident I came across this game and ever since I have been eager to find out more about it. Some Plum Rabbits in the forest provided me access to the game as they were playing it together. I am so honored and thankful to them. The main reason for me to leave the forest is to find more about this game, but also about games in general. Humans seem to have so many cool ideas about entertainment and I want to know all about it! The Plum Rabbits described me as eager, big-thinking and sociable. 

Cabodiba comes from the expression that the Sims make in the game. It also sounds like 'Cowboy Bebop' if a Sims character would say it. 

The last Summer Treeplom was a bit shy, so she has not written anything for her application left. But check out her bio as she will write her story there. Sorry for the inconvenience! She said she is very sorry for not being on time with her application. We Plum Rabbits do not mind though. We are sure she will find a fitting home soon. 

Are you excited to know about the next residents coming up? The Plum Rabbits are active on instagram, twitter and Twitch. Most insides are revealed there. But we can already tell you autumn is coming up and some interesting residents have signed up. More soon!