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Auplom -  Fuusha 風車
Auplom -  Fuusha 風車
Auplom -  Fuusha 風車
Auplom -  Fuusha 風車

Auplom - Fuusha 風車

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Fuusha 風車 is interested in human technology. It amazes him how the humans deal with the weather throughout the year. Fuusha is especially interested in how wind affects the world. "You cannot see wind... Yet it does so much to us!" he states. He would love to find someone who can tell him many things about human technology. Fuusha believes he can obtain more knowledge living in the human world. He is described being skillful, smart and focused. Fuusha means 'windmill'. 

This auplom is part of the autumn 2021 collection. With summer in the past the autumn residents need to clean up the mess and prepare for the next festivities. A whole new season is arriving and many colors are changing.

Auploms are made out of mostly polyester and local fabrics. When dirty please try to gently handwash as they are afraid of washing machines and dry cleaners. An auplom is approximately 15x15x15 cm.

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